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Booking taxis in Palmy just got easier.

Taxis Palmerston North announces the release of Book & Track, a new smartphonefriendly mobile site that allows bookingand track your taxis in Palmerston North. The Taxis Palmerston North fleet can now be booked using smartphones without the hassle of downloading an application but it works just like one.It is simple to use, just visit on any smartphone and save the web app to your home screen for convenience.

How to use Taxis Palmerston NorthBook & Track:

There are a few simple steps to making a taxi booking using Book & Track.

  • Step 1 – Visit Web App:Visit on your smartphone.
  • Step 2 – Register:For existing Taxis Palmerston Northcustomers, who have used the web booking option, proceed to sign in with your existing login details. For new users, select ‘Create New Account’ and fill in the requested informationthen select ‘Register’. You will be sent an SMS to the registered mobile number with a verification code; this is a one-off step process.
  • Step 3 – Save:Once completed you will be taken to the ‘Book and Track’ home page. You can return to the home page at any time by selecting the Taxis Palmerston North logo.For Apple users, you will be prompted to save this site to your home screen; do this and start to use Book & Track just like an app. For Android and Windows, it has to be selected manually from the web options.
  • Step 4 – Make a Booking:Select this option and you will need to specify vehicle type and continue by clicking ‘Next’. You will now have three options to enter your pick-up address: Street name, Landmark or Cabspot. For Street option, select suburb and then street and street number. Otherwise select Landmark or Cabspot and you will be provided a searchable list of Landmarks or Cabspots in Palmerston North. Select your location and you would be able to select ‘Next’.

    Enter ‘Drop-Off Address’. You will have the option to select ’As Directed’;or enter destination address or select suburb and street/landmark name to proceed.

    Note: pick-up and drop-off location can be saved as ‘Favourite’ for future ease of use.

    You will be asked to select ‘Ready Now’. If you would like to schedule for later, enter the date and required pick-up time. There are also options for users to select from if there’s a need to inform the driver; such ‘Need a wagon with no cage’, and more. When ready click ‘Next’.

    If applicable, select one of the options from the ‘Notes’ section to inform the driver of no honking, if you’re waiting in the corner/car park, to ring the bell and more.

    Now confirm all the details and proceed by selecting ‘Finish’. You will immediately receive a Booking ID and sent a confirmation email for future reference.

  • Booking Confirmation – For all bookings you will receive a booking success message and a confirmation email at your registered address, outlining the details of your booking.
  • My Bookings - You can also select My Bookings from the top right hand drop down menu. This will provide a list of bookings and their reference IDs along with options to cancel, modify or track. Completed bookings will remain in you’re ‘My Bookings’ for 10 days after the completed job. You will not be able to modify a booking madeif your select ‘Ready Now’. You will be able to modify a future booking made up to 15 mins prior to the scheduled time. Bookings can be cancelled from the ‘My Bookings’ page.
  • Track - When you receive your booking success message, you will see an option to track booking. Select this and you will be taken to a GPS map indicating your location; the status of the booking; and options to modify the booking or to call the base. Track Bookings can also be accessed through the web app home page option, ‘Track Bookings’. Here you will be taken to you’re ‘My Bookings’ page for a list of active bookings to track.

    Status of the bookings are:

    • Dispatching : You will be able to modify or cancel your booking at this point from the track page.For bookings made through ‘Make a Booking’ you will be able to modify the booking up to 15 mins before the scheduled pickup time.
    • PN #: A taxi in your area has accepted the job and will commence heading to your location. The taxi number will display in the status. You will not be able to modify the booking. You will still be able to cancel the booking through the web app.

    Once your booking status is assigned, the taxi and its PN number will appear on the GPS map and as the status. You will be able to see the taxis progress on its way to you. Please ensure you get into the taxi with the PN number that is assigned to you. These numbers are displayed on the side wheel guards at the front of the car.

  • Other Menu Features – ‘Taxi Fare Estimator’ allows you to obtain fare estimation with a couple of easy steps. ‘My Favourite’ allows you to view and edit your favourite pick-up and destinations for future bookings. ‘Profile’ is a feature where you are able to save or modify your contact details required for your bookings. If you wish to register a different mobile phone number to your account, please do this through your profile option.