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What is 'CabSpot'?

It is a location identifier that passengers can use to name their pickup location and is especially useful in difficult to identify pickup locations. The location of every CabSpot is held in the Taxis Palmerston North booking system and referenced against a GPS location, this helps to ensure our drivers can find the passengers pickup location quickly and easily.

Where are Cab Spot signs being placed?

Cab Spot signs are being installed at private business addresses, generally with multiple entrances that cause confusion for passengers and taxi drivers. CabSpot signs offer a unique identification number for a location or entrance.

The Cab Spot sign are fixed to a building wall or similar prominent place belonging to the business, adjacent to the roadside kerb, in easy sight of an arriving taxi.

If you have a business or organization with customers that would benefit from having a CabSpot sign installed on your premises, please give us a call and take advantage of sthis complimentary service. Check out the list of available CabSpot numbers.

Ph) 06 560 1051 or Email Us

How can Taxi Customers use CabSpot?

When you want to book a cab, go to the nearest CabSpot sign, use this unique number as your pickup point when making a booking and wait next to the sign for your Cab to arrive.

Checklist for CabSpot bookings:

1. Pickup Point: Your pickup point is the CabSpot sign's unique number, eg CabSpot 2. Call 0800 3 555 333 and quote the CabSpot number as your location.

2. Waiting Point: Adjacent to the CabSpot sign.

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List of Cab Spots